Art Link continues to produce artwork that is unique, colorful and daring. He refers to his style of art as “Neo-Pop” artwork. Art has created a stunning portfolio that is awe-inspiring in technique, scale and color. He has beautiful, modern works on canvas as well as his ground-breaking Plexi-glass paintings that are painted backwards with vivid use of color. Please understand that photographing the Plexi-glass paintings is like photographing a mirror, you may see reflections in the images below that are not in the paintings themselves.

“Long Day” acrylic painting on Plexiglas
“Goodbye Girl” acrylic painting on Plexiglas
“Chris” acrylic painting on Plexiglas

“I have always been most interested in Modern Art, such as, the 1950’s Abstract Expressionists and The Pop Art moment of the 1960’s. With the Abstract Expressionists, I was attracted to their freedom to produce large works of Art with color as the center. Pop Artists helped me be comfortable using bright colors and popular culture as subject matter. These themes have always inspired me but I continue to work to create Art that is in its own time using modern themes”.

Arthur Link

“Dale Earnhardt” acrylic painting on canvas

“Flight Fright” acrylic on Plexiglas
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