Arthur Link III

Artist and Teacher

Arthur Link is a nationally recognized Artist and Teacher. He has artworks in private collections throughout the United States. Most notably in New York, Texas, Georgia, Colorado and Florida.

Arthur Link III, or Art, as he is known to friends and family alike, has been painting since he was 15 years old. His passion has been developed and honed over the years through both education and experience.

When asked about his passion and enthusiasm for art, he stated “I’ve always been fascinated with color. It opens my eyes, makes my smile because I see all the varying combinations and all the possibilities color allows. “


Arthur Link attended the University of Florida, graduating with honors while receiving a BAEd Degree in Art. The change from the cold winters of New York, to the bright sun, colorful skies and warm weather of Florida, had a great impact on the artist. During college, he worked with area Interior Designers. When they needed a piece of art or several pieces of artwork, for a home, office or restaurant; they would call him. Most of these commissions required little of no recognizable objects, just color. This would enable the young artist to learn to work in abstraction, which is still a part of his portfolio today.


Mr. Link, as he is known today by students and their families as well, taught for 34 years. He estimates to have taught Art to approximately 5,000 students.  “When you teach Art to someone, especially teenagers, who by nature are anxious, you take it slow. They would be assigned to my class, not selected like in college. They were terrified by the idea of learning to draw. I would ask them when they would say to me, “I can’t draw. I don’t know how!” I would ask them, “Did you know how to do Algebra before your teacher taught it to you? They would say no. And I would then tell them why do you think you need to know how to draw before coming into the class. I am the Art Teacher and I am going to teach you how. That’s my job.”  I was asked to teach students more than drawing. The school’s curriculum was much more extensive. To be able to answer a student’s question or help a student with a problem; I had to learn to be proficient in many 2-Dimensional Artistic Disciplines such as: Drawing, Watercolor, Acrylic Painting, Op Art, Collage, Pointillism, etc. In order for me to do that, I had to conquer my own insecurities and be a better artist.

Awards/Special Recognition

*Arthur Link received the “Alachua County High School -Teacher of the Year Award” in 1991.

“Mr. Link was a favorite among students. He is regularly stopped by students in public and often told the impact he has had on their lives. He is a truly special and gifted teacher.”

Cassandra Cameron
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